Q: Do I need to separate my recyclables?

A: No, just place all of your recyclables in the bin and place it on the curb the morning of pick up and we'll do the rest.

Q: Do you provide recycling carts?

A: Yes, for a small, one-time fee we will provide you a wheeled cart for all your recyclable materials. No need to separate either. You can opt for the free 18 gallon blue bin as well!

Q: Can I recycle all of my plastics?

A: As long as the plastic bottle or container has a number on it you can put it in the bin. You can even leave the tops on plastic bottles! No Styrofoam or plastic bags.

Q: Who do I contact for billing issues?

A: Please call 270-929-0439

Q: What kinds of paper do you accept?

A: We accept newspaper, magazines, office paper, and junk mail. No carbon paper, ream wrappers, or napkins.

Q: What all will you accept?

A: We accept all paper, all plastic 1 through 7, cardboard, and metals of any kind.

Q: I am a Daviess County resident, are there separate carts for trash and recyclables?

A: Yes, one for trash and one for recyclables! Considering almost half of the trash you throw away can be recycled, this will have a great impact of our environmental foot print!

Q: Do I have to bag my general trash?

A: No! We can collect loose trash!

Q: What don't you accept?

A: We do not accept glass or styrofoam